Where Community Blooms!

Surveyor John Mills meticulously laid out Crossville in 1872 for Thomas Cross and Silas Elliott. The town was named after Thomas Cross, and its original plat covered one-half square mile (160 acres or a quarter section), situated in Section 23, Township 4 South, Range 10 East of the 3rd Principal Meridian.

Thomas Cross’ commitment to community growth was evident in 1857 when he generously provided a right-of-way through the center of what would later become Crossville. The town was officially incorporated on September 30, 1895, and the town charter was filed on October 12, 1895, at 11:05 am, marking a pivotal moment in Crossville’s history.

As of the 2000 census, the village of Crossville boasted a population of 782 individuals, with 341 households and 220 families making this charming community their home.